These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of DMCC, our licenses and our other legal and technical tools. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics.


What is a Free Zone?

A Free Zone or Free Trade Zone or Free Economic Zone, is a designated geographical area where certain taxes or restrictions on business, employment or trade do not apply in the same manner that they apply to the country in which the zone is located. An area within which goods may be landed, handled, manufactured or reconfigured, and re-exported without the intervention of the customs authorities. Only when the goods are moved to consumers within the country in which the zone is located do they become subject to the prevailing customs duties. Free Zones are often organised around major seaports, international airports, and national frontiers — areas with many geographic advantages for trade.


Who is DMCC?

DMCC, a strategic initiative of the Government of Dubai, was established in 2002, with a mandate to provide the physical, market and financial infrastructure required to set up a commodities market place in Dubai. DMCC offers a unique opportunity for market participants in a wide range of commodities industries in four broad sectors including precious commodities (gold, diamonds, coloured stones and pearls), energy related sectors, steel and base metals and soft agricultural commodities (tea, cotton and others). The Centre aims to attract key players throughout the entire value chain of each of these commodity sectors, together with a range of support industries such as finance, logistics, consulting and insurance. DMCC was the first UAE free zone authority to offer freehold business premises, in addition to all other standard free zone services. These comprise a 50-year holiday on personal and income taxes, full foreign ownership of business and a one-stop shop facility for processing of all documentation including immigration and licensing needs.

Are DMCC and JLT two separate Free Zones?

Until January 2014 two types of licenses were offered by the DMCC Authority; DMCC and JLT. DMCC Free Zone companies operate in the commodities and related sectors, while JLT Free Zone companies operate across non-commodities related sectors. From February 2014 the authority licenses all activities under the one DMCC license. All companies previously licensed under the JLT license will progressively transfer to a DMCC license.

What do I need to do to change my company suffix from JLT to DMCC?

Click on theSuffix Change Portal Guidefor a full set of instructions and frequently asked questions.

What is the location of DMCC?

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is located in Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, near JLT Metro Station. 

DMCC Free Zone Department is located on Level 1, where existing DMCC members can visit the Client Service Centre, Level 1, near the main lobby elevators.

For company setups, clients can visit the Client Registration Centre, Level 1, near the escalators.

To know the location of DMCC, please download the DMCC location map at http://www.dmcc.ae/contact-us, or you may reach Almas Tower by entering the following Coordinates on your GPS: 25.0689° N, 55.1412° E
Alternatively, for directions to Almas Tower, please find below:
Directions to Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers from Dubai 

Take Sheikh Zayed Road E11
Take Interchange No 5 and First Al Khail St to your destination
Keep right to continue on Exit 32 for 260 metres.
Take the ramp on the left to Interchange No 5 for 900 metres.
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for  Jumeirah Lakes Tower/Emirates Hills for 280 metres.
Continue onto Interchange No 5 for 1 kilometre.
Keep right for 850 metres.
Merge onto First Al Khail St for 1.2 kilometres.
Slight Right for 130 metres.
Slight right for 270 metres. 
Turn right 
Almas Tower will be on the left
Directions to Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers from Abu Dhabi

Follow E10 and E11 to D 61 in Dubai.
Merge onto Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St for 3.7 km
Continue onto E10 for 31.1 km
Take the exit on the left onto E11 for 79.5 km
Take the Emirates Hills exit from E11 
Take Sheikh Zayed Road E11
Take Interchange No 5 and First Al Khail St to your destination
Keep right to continue on Exit 32 for 260 metres.
Take the ramp on the left to Interchange No 5 for 900 metres.
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for  Jumeirah Lakes Tower/Emirates Hills for 280 metres.
Continue onto Interchange No 5 for 1 kilometre.
Keep right for 850 metres.
Merge onto First Al Khail St for 1.2 kilometres.
Slight Right for 130 metres.
Slight right for 270 metres. 
Turn right 
Almas Tower will be on the left



What are the main benefits of setting up a Free Zone company with DMCC?

In summary, DMCC Free Zone companies enjoy 0% corporate and personal tax for 50 years, 100% foreign ownership, simple set up process, assistance with sponsorship of employees and many other UAE government related services, which incorporate a wide range of affordable property choices.

Is there any corporate/income tax applied to the companies or to the individuals?

There is no corporate/income tax on individuals or companies operating in the Free Zone. This applies for 50 years from the time of registration of the company.

Do I need a UAE Partner to form a company?

One of the many advantages of setting up a company in DMCC is that it offers 100% foreign ownership. You do not need a UAE Partner to form a company at DMCC unless your business is a pharmacy. In this instance, the Ministry of Health requires a UAE National shareholder in order to issue the required No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Do I need to visit different government departments and ministries in order to form a company?

No the DMCC Service Centre offers you a comprehensive set of solutions allowing you to license and set up your business quickly and efficiently in the DMCC Free Zone. Services ranging from registering the trade name, licensing the company, visa applications, Emirates ID typing, real estate, insurance, IT, telecom, interior and other services are all strategically located at the 1st floor of Almas tower.


What documents are required to open a new company?

There are different phases that the client go through and each phase has its own required documents.

  • Know Your Client Form (KYC).
  • Proof of Residential Address.
  • Passport Copy.
  • Emirates ID (If UAE resident).
  • NOC from Sponsor (If UAE resident).
  • Business Plan (Applicable to some activities).
  • Undertaking related to activities (Applicable to some activities)
  • Copy of the Certificate of Registration of the parent company (only applicable for corporate shareholders).
  • Copy of the Certificate of Incumbency of the parent company (only applicable for corporate shareholders).
  •  Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company (only applicable for corporate shareholders).
  • Specimen Signature Form for each shareholder and company appointed officer (a system generated document to be signed in the presence of MSE or notarised).
  • Shareholder/Board Resolution/Branch Resolution (a system generated document to be signed in the presence of MSE or notarised and attested in the UAE Embassy or Appostilled).
  • Standard Undertaking Letters (Copy).
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MoA) (a system generated document to be signed in the presence of MSE or notarized – not applicable for branch).
  • To bring the original passports for verification for each shareholder and company appointed officer (original to be sighted at DMCC or notarised).
  • Certificate of Registration of the parent company (notarised - only applicable for corporate shareholders).
  • Certificate of Incumbency of the parent company (notarised and attested in the UAE Embassy or Appostilled - only applicable for corporate shareholders).
  •  Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company (notarised - only applicable for corporate shareholders).
  • Current Dated Tenancy Contract.
*Original should be sighted at DMCC.
*It must be under the exact registered company name.
*It should be valid for at least one year from the date of submission.
*If the property is owned by the company, the company stamp should be on the tenancy contract.
*It has to be signed by both the Landlord and Tenant.
*Tenancy must mention the area size and location details.
*The minimum area size is 50 square meters.
  • Current Dated Certificate of Ownership from the Building Developer or Title Deed (Original should be sighted at DMCC).
  • Certificate of Conformity from Concordia under the registered company name. (Applicable only for Retail Activity/Space).
  • Original Specimen Letterhead for the company with the company’s stamp on it.   Company Name & Address to be stated as per the DMCC license. Specimen Letterhead for the company should mention that ‘’Company is registered & Licensed as a FREE ZONE Company under the Rules & Regulations of DMCCA’’ and fixed on all company’s letterhead either footer or header.
  • Original Letter of Appointing Auditors (addressed from Auditors in Dubai to DMCC confirming their appointment by the company).
  • Shares Certificates (to be stamped & shareholders copies to be submitted to DMCC - not applicable for branch).
  • Personnel Secondment Agreement (to be signed & both original copies should be returned to DMCC).
  • Bank letter confirming the share capital deposit (not applicable for branch).

What kind of corporate structures are allowed by DMCC?

Limited liability companies as well as branches and subsidiaries of local and foreign companies can be registered with DMCC.

What is a share capital?

Share Capital refers to the portion of a company's equity that has been obtained or will be obtained by a shareholder for cash or an equivalent item of capital value. It is also called subscribed capital or subscribed share capital. The share capital is calculated as:
Number of total shares divided by Unit value of each share (also known as par value)

Can a client have an office outside JLT Free Zone to start the business?

No, it has to be inside the JLT Free Zone.

Is it mandatory to have an office to open a new company?

Yes, it is mandatory, below are the property options:

  • Flexi Desk
  • Serviced Office
  • Physical Office for lease
  • Physical Office for sale
  • Retail Space (shop) for lease
  • Retail Space (shop) for sale  

What is the minimum share capital requirement for a company to be issued a General Trading License?

The company should have a minimum of AED 1 Million share capital to be eligible for a General Trading License. Those existing companies that do not have such amount of share capital should first apply for an increase in share capital before they can apply for a general trading license.

How many shareholders are required to form a limited liability company?

There must be a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of fifty shareholders.

What is the governing law for all DMCC registered companies?

All registered companies are subject to the laws of the land, DMCC Regulations, Free Zone rules and regulations in force in DMCC.
Any due amendments to the above will be implemented from time to time.

What is the minimum number of company directors?

The minimum number of company directors is one director, which is mandatory for all types of companies except branch companies; while the maximum number of directors is six directors.

What are the types of powers being exercised by the officers of the company?

All company officers have inherent powers as mandated by the company’s Articles of Association.  It can be exercised either:
- Singly (can act and represent the company alone)
- Jointly (powers/authorities will be exercised together with another officer)
- Limited (powers/authorities to be exercised are limited as indicated in the Resolution appointing officers to such posts)

Can I be a partner in more than one company?

Yes, you can be a partner/shareholder in multiple companies.

What is the minimum share capital required to form the company?

The minimum share capital for a Free Zone company is currently AED 50,000 per company.

Does the share capital have to be paid up?

Yes, the share capital needs to be deposited in the company bank account within 3 weeks from the date of the trade license being issued. It may be withdrawn immediately thereafter.

What is the minimum office requirement?

One of the advantages of setting up a company with DMCC is the access it provides to a wide range of commercial property choices within JLT, from freehold to leasehold, commercial to retail and even flexi desks. Office requirements depend on the number of employees and type of activity conducted by the company. A company may choose from a range of options starting from a flexi-desk of 20-30sqm, a flexi office of 200-265sqm, through to multiple floors of an office tower which may be up to 2,000sqm each. For example, a company such as a Management Consultancy with five employees may be required to have an office space of at least 50sqm. In contrast, a retail food and beverage outlet operating multiple shifts would be subject to different requirements. The dedicated Client Relationship Executive handling your company set-up will provide full details upon application.

Can I take a license without renting any facility?

No, this is not allowed. However DMCC has a wide range of Business Centre products to suit all budgets. Please contact DMCC for detailed information.

Can I rent an office in JLT with my existing license from DED or another UAE Free Zone Jurisdiction?

No, you must have a DMCC licensed company. This may include a branch of your DED/other Freezone company in DMCC.

1. Getting Started

Can we reserve the name of the company?

Yes, you will be asked to provide one preferred and three alternate company names. DMCC will always aim to reserve your first choice and will ensure that there are no other companies of the same name or a name similar enough to be indistinguishable. You may wish to check the Dubai Economic Department website to see if your preferred name is available within Dubai. In most cases DMCC will then be able to reserve the name for you. Please be aware there are certain words that may not be used and these are clearly mentioned on the application. The name of all new companies will end in DMCC. Some existing companies end in JLT, however JLT licenses are no longer offered since February 2014. Please note that branch companies always adopt the name of the parent followed by the suffix DMCC Branch.

How many days will it take to set up a company?

As soon as the necessary documents have been submitted your company can be set up very quickly, usually between 7-14 days. In the interest of maintaining DMCC Free Zone’s reputation as place for good business, DMCC conducts due diligence reviews as part of all company set-up procedures. In a limited number of cases, DMCC reserves the right to refuse to set up a company, and the applicant will be informed.

I currently have a company in another UAE Free Zone, can I transfer that to DMCC?

No you cannot transfer a company or license from any Free Zone to another; you will need to set up as a new company. However, we can aim to give you the same company name and activity. Please contact our Member Services Team to discuss further.

I have decided to form a company in DMCC. Whom should I contact next?

Congratulations on your decision. You are among a large and growing group of entrepreneurs and business people who have chosen DMCC as their preferred place to do business. To continue the process please: 1.) Complete complete the online form. OR 2.) Call the DMCC Call Centre: 800 3622 or +971(0)4 4249600, OR 3.) Visit the New Client Service Centre at Level 1, Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers

2. Documents Required

Does a client need to provide a power of attorney?

It is not mandatory for clients to have power of attorney (POA) unless they require someone to represent them before the authorities if they are not available. A Power of Attorney (POA) is a written legal authorization by an individual(s) to another individual(s) to represent or legally act on their behalf. In the case of company affairs, the powers may vary from incorporating the company to any post incorporation amendments; where the POA holder represents the individual(s) before the authorities to sign the Resolution and Memorandum and Articles of Association among other documents. A POA remains in force until revoked, or for a limited time period.

What documents are required to form a company?

All requirements are outlined undercompany set up

Do you have formats of the resolutions required for formation of company?

Yes, suggested formats are available for downloadhere

3. Costs

Are there any fees when submitting the application forms?

There is currently no fee required on initial application to reserve a company name and business activity. Once the reservation is made, and a company wishes to make an application for registration, the fees must be paid upon submission of all requirements. The fees include registration, license and Memorandum of Articles. If the company is leasing a flexi-desk, the lease payment is required prior to the license being issued.

What methods of payment can I use?

DMCC allows multiple payment options including cash, cheque, credit card and direct deposits. Once licensed, most of our member companies choose to keep a minimum balance in their member portal account which enables them to use services immediately without having to top up the account first.

What are the pricing rules for licenses and activities?

There are three types of licenses; Services, Trading and Industrial. Each license carries an annual fee of AED20,000 (Different Pricing for Industrial license, General Trading, Business Centre and Hotel would apply)

Within each license type, up to 6 activities in the same division (activity code beginning with the same first 2 digits i.e. 50xx-xx) can be included in the fee of AED20,000 annually.
Additional activities over 6 activities beginning with the same first 2 digits (i.e. 50xx-xx) can be added for a fee of AED1,510 per activity annually.
Additional activities that begin with the same first 1 digit (i.e. 51xx-xx) can be added for a fee of AED10,000 annually, and this allows up to 6 activities from that same new activity division (2 digit group i.e. 51xx-xx).

Additional activities that begin with completely different first 2 digits (i.e. 74xx-xx) can be added for a fee of AED20,000 annually, and this allows up to 6 activities from that same new activity division (2 digit group i.e. 74xx-xx).

Any activities that are from a different license type (Services, Trading and Industrial) will require a new license, at a fee of AED20,000 annually regardless of the code. (Different Pricing for Industrial license would apply)

If a company wishes to operate from two different buildings in JLT, a different license is required for each location.

Any amendment to license activities, will incur a one-time administration fee of AED1,510.

4. Business Activities

What kinds of activities are allowed in DMCC?

DMCC licenses allow a wide range of business activities, from commodities to retail outlets, consultancies to beauty salons. DMCC is able to license most of the activities that are allowed by the Dubai Economic Department. The full list is available under General Information in these Applications Guidelines. The major categories include; A.) Agriculture B.) Fishing C.) Mining & quarrying D.) Manufacturing E.) Electricity, gas & water supply F.) Construction G.) Trading and repairing H.) Hotels and restaurants I.) Transport, storage and communications J.) Financial intermediation K.) Real estate and business services M.) Education N.) Health and social work O.) Other community, social and personal services

How many activities can I have under one license?

You can have unlimited related activities on one license type. A trading activity and a service activity can however not be given under the same license. A company involved in trading and services will require a seperate license for each which can be under the same company. All queries may be directed to one of our DMCC Member Services Executives.

If I have a Free Zone company, can I do business outside the Free Zone?

Yes, your company may conduct business outside of the UAE without restriction, provided it is legal. If you wish to trade within the UAE (known as “Onshore”) there are two main methods for doing so. The first one is to trade directly with an LLC company that has an import/export license. As part of the terms of trade they would need to clear any goods through customs. Secondly, you may enter into an agreement with a logistics company that would clear the goods and deliver them to the mainland. For services companies wishing to provide services to a company outside the free zone, the general rule is that the services must be provided within the Free zone. There are certain exceptions, such as recruitment services where stricter rules apply.

Which activities are not allowed in DMCC?

There are very few restricted activities as DMCC can license almost every activity, provided the licensed company has complied with all regulations associated with the chosen activity. In some cases certain activities require additional approval from federal and local authorities (agencies, councils, courts and banks).

5. Types of Licenses

What Types of Licenses Does DMCC Issue?

The types of licenses offered at DMCC are:
Trade License: To carry out trading activities as specified in the License.
Service License: To carry out service activities as specified in the License.
Industrial License: To carry out light manufacturing activities as specified in the License.

Can I apply for two separate licenses under one company name?

Yes, this is possible depending on the satisfaction of the conditions of the licenses. In some cases, where a company wishes to conduct several activities that are similar in nature the authority allows unlimited activities to be conducted under one license. However, if the activities are unrelated, separate licenses are required. DMCC offers a General Trading License that allows a client to trade from a paper clip right up to an airplane. The products and categories that are covered under General Trading are defined by Customs and are subject to change based on Customs requirements. There are certain product classifications that are not covered under General Trading License, including Defence Equipment / Military, Gold & Gold Jewellery, Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery and Tobacco and Tobacco Products. We recommend you speak to one of our expert Member Services Executives who will advise you further.

6. Importing and Exporting of Goods

Do I need to pay Customs duty to bring the goods to DMCC?

Free Zone licensees are allowed to import goods or equipment into the Free Zone from a foreign country without payment of customs duties. While Free Zones are physically within the borders of the UAE, they are outside the customs borders. Customs duty is only paid when goods are moved out of the Free Zone; that is, imported into the UAE. Numerous warehousing facilities are available in the port for companies that wish to store and re-export their goods. A deposit is payable to the full value of the customs duty, which is refunded on re-export. DMCC recommends that its members contact Dubai Customs to ensure they are completely familiar with all requirements. It is important to ensure that customs records are kept in good order otherwise penalties may apply. Please visit www.dubaicustoms.gov.ae and go to the Free Zone section under Declaration & Clearance.

What can I import?

Generally, Free Zone companies may import goods that are consistent with their commercial license. The main exception to this is when a company wishes to import goods for their own use, say furniture and equipment for their office operations. This is allowed, however it is important for those companies to keep good records of all items that have been brought into the Free Zone, as customs will need to see that those items have not been, later, transferred to the mainland without payment of customs duties. It is important to ensure your company is fully compliant.

What import and export duty applies to goods?

The Customs duty for most items is calculated on the CIF value at the rate of 5%. Imports of liquor/alcohol are subject to a 50% customs duty on their CIF value while imports of tobacco products draw a 100% duty on their CIF value. Many essential items such as staple foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals are given duty-free status. Gold and diamond traders benefit from a special arrangement between Dubai Customs and DMCC. Diamonds may be imported at a rate of 1% service fee, and gold is imported at a rate of 0.32% service fee, both payable to Dubai Customs. Due to the changing nature of customs it is always advisable to refer to www.dubaicustoms.gov.ae, wherein the duties applicable are available according to HS codes.

What documents do customs need to see?

The documents required by customs may include goods declaration, bill of lading, certificate of origin and invoice copies. However, other documents may be required. As customs requirements may change from time to time you are advised to visit the Dubai Customs web site for the most up to date information. www.dubaicustoms.gov.ae

What are HS codes?

The Harmonized System Codes (HS Code) is a standard issued by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to unify the classification of the goods. These are six digit codes for identifying different products across the world. For example the code for natural pearls is structured as follows: Section XIV: Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad with precious metal, and articles thereof; imitation jewellery; coin. Chapter 71: Natural or cultured pearls, precious stones, precious metals, metals clad with precious metal, and article thereof; imitation jewellery, coin. Heading 71.01 Pearls, natural or cultured, whether or not worked or graded but not strung, mounted or set; pearls, natural or cultured, temporarily strung for convenience of transport. Code 7101.10 Natural pearls. A full record of HS codes are available through Dubai Customs.

Does DMCC have a Port of its own?

No. However Jumeirah Lakes Towers is conveniently situated within 10km of the main Jebel Ali port, one of the largest ports in the world.


When can the company apply for Registration Amendments?

DMCC companies that have been issued a valid company license can apply for any Registration Amendments.

What types of company amendments have to be registered with DMCC? What are the requirements and procedures?

The following are the list of amendments to be registered with DMCC:
- Share Transfer
- Increase in Share Capital
- Decrease in Share Capital
- Change of Company Name
- Change of Financial Year
- Change of Company Officer (Director, Manager, Secretary & Legal Representative)
- Change of Auditor
- Amendment to the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
- Share Pledge Registration
- Change in the details of Company Shareholder/s (Name, Nationality & Address)
- Change in the details of Company Officers (Name, Nationality & Address)
- Status Conversion (from branch to Subsidiary companies)
- Company Termination (License Termination & De-Registration)

To see the requirements and procedures for each of these, please visit the 'Company Services' section of theApplications Guidelinespage.

What is the effect of registering Share Pledge Agreement?

It creates a valid pledge over the shares of the company and prevents the shares from being transferred without the consent of the pledgee (named beneficiary of the pledge).

To whom can the shares be pledged? Can it be pledged to an individual or a company?

DMCC only registers shares pledged to a financial institution such as banks as they have the capacity to secure the pledge.

What is the minimum age requirement for an individual to be appointed as an officer of the company?

One should be 21 years old at the time of the appointment.

What is the governing law for all DMCC registered companies?

All registered companies are subject to the laws of the land, DMCC Regulations, Free Zone rules and regulations in force in DMCC.  
Any due amendments to the above will be implemented from time to time.

What are the types of powers being exercised by the officers of the company?

All company officers have inherent powers as mandated by the company’s Articles of Association.  It can be exercised either:
- Singly  (can act and represent the company alone)
- Jointly (powers/authorities will be exercised together with another officer)
- Limited (powers/authorities to be exercised are limited as indicated in the Resolution appointing officers to such posts)

When can members apply for the 'Cancellation of Existing Access Approval' service request?

Members can apply for the this service request when they wish to cancel an existing access approval/card (PAC) or when the member wishes to apply for an employment visa for the employee who currently has an active PAC, however, the system will not allow them unless they cancel the PAC first, and therefore, this service request was created to facilitate this.
Note: this does not cover the temporary access card (TAC) as it is valid for a short period of time and expires automatically.


What is the cost of applying for the 'Cancellation of Existing Access Approval' service request?

It is free of charge.

1. DMCC Member Portal

Why didn’t I receive my login details for the DMCC portal?

Many organisations use spam filters to restrict junk emails. Sometimes these filters prevent legitimate emails from reaching the intended recipient. This has affected some DMCC members. If your organisation has marked the Salesforce domain as a spam category you will NOT receive login in details for the DMCC portal. As a preventative measure DMCC strongly recommends that its members contact their Email Administrator and ask them to ‘whitelist’ the Domain IP Ranges found in the following link: IP Address Range to be whitelisted

How can I view my portal balance?

The portal balance will be available for view on the right side of the page after you are logged into your DMCC portal account. Please check under the 'company overview' section.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

You can reset your password by following the simple steps below:

1.      Go to the member services home page
2.      Click on 'Forgot or reset your password?'
3.      Enter the User Name
4.      Click on 'Continue'
5.      Password reset link will be sent to the user’s registered e-mail address
6.      Click on the link and provide your new password

What do I do if my visa quota is incorrect?

Please get in touch with our Contact Centre on 800 3622 (toll free within the UAE) or +9714 424 9600 (outside the UAE) or email customercare@dmcc.ae to report your concern.  

Can I cancel a draft request?

Yes, if the status of the request is 'Draft', you can cancel the request by clicking on the button 'Cancel SR'.

How do I view my portal statement?

After logging into your account follow the below steps:

1.       Click on the tab “Report Request” - located at the top of your dash board.
2.       Click on “Create New Report Request”
3.       Select the record type of new record as “Portal Statement” then Click “Continue”
4.       Click on “Save”
5.       Wait for 5 minutes for the statement to generate.
6.       Click again on the tab “Report Request” - located at the top of your dash board.
7.       Click on the “Report Request Number” - located Under “Recent Report Requests“ 
8.       Click on “View”
9.       The Portal Statement will be available to view and download.

How do I view my Bank Guarantee Statement?

After logging into your account  follow the below steps :

1.       Click on the  tab “Report Request” - located at the top of your dash board.
2.       Click on “Create New Report Request”
3.       Select the record type of new record as “BG Statement to Customer” then Click “Continue”
4.       Click on “Save”
5.       Wait for 5 minutes for the statement to generate.
6.       Click again on the tab “Report Request” -  located at the top of your dash board.
7.       Click on the “Report Request Number” – located Under “Recent Report Requests“ 
8.       Click on “View”
9.       The Bank Guarantee Statement will be available  to view and download.

Is the Portal Compatible with different browsers & smart devices?

The DMCC Portal is compatible with many browsers including but not limited to: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & Safari. 
You can open the website from Smart phones and Tablets.

How can members access and reach the document re-upload steps from the company portal and perform the re-upload?

A: The member can  follow the below manual steps for documents re-upload:
Step 1 - Login to DMCC online portal.
Step 2  - Click Pending Actions. 
Step 3  - Check for the appropriate SR Step. 
Step 4  - Click on the SR number.
Step 5  - Navigate to "SR Documents" Section. 
Step 6  - Click "Download/Upload/Review Doc" to view the "Documents to Be Uploaded" page.
Step 7  - Please check the comments and perform the necessary action for the documents where its status is "re-upload".
Step 8  - Click Replace under the "Actions" heading to replace the old document as per the DMCC comments.
Step 9  - Complete the step 6 & 7 for all the documents marked for "re-upload".
Step 10  - Click the button "Return back to SR" at the top of the page to return the SR to DMCC.
Step 11 - Navigate to Section "Steps" and click on the Step No. where status is "Awaiting Re-upload".
Step 12 - Click "change" link beside "Status" to update the step status from “Awaiting re-upload” to “Document Re-uploaded”. (Only if the step is still marked as ‘Awaiting Re-upload’ despite performing all the above)

How can members perform the documents re-upload steps?

The member can follow the below steps for documents re-upload:
Step 1 - Login to DMCC online portal. 
Step 2 - Click on the link in the request for document re-upload notification to go directly to the "Documents to be Uploaded" page.
Step 3 - Please check the comments and perform the necessary action for the documents where its status is "re-upload".
Step 4 - Click replace under the "Actions" heading to replace the old document as per the DMCC comments.
Step 5 - Complete step 3 & 4 for all the documents marked for "re-upload".
Step 6 - Click the button "Return back to SR" at the top of the page to return the SR to DMCC.
Step 7 - Update the step status from “Awaiting re-upload” to “Document Re-uploaded”. (Only if the step is still marked as ‘Awaiting Re-upload’ despite performing all the above)

2. License Renewal

What should be the validity of the tenancy contract submitted for license renewal?

Tenancy should be valid till the next expiry date of the license. However, if the lease was issued for more than 12 months (a year or more) and is still not covering the next license validity period (valid for less than 03 months & above. e.g. License new expiry date is Aug 2014 & issued lease is having its validity ill Nov 2013); an undertaking ‘to renew the lease by or before its expiry & submit to DMCC’ can be accepted. If not submitted on time, a sanction will be imposed on company’s account, which will block all services.

If the company does not have a copy of the Title Deed, what do they do?

Please approach your Building Management to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Ownership. Alternatively contact the Landloard to obtain a valid EJARI Certificate from The Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Original Title Deed with the bank? What do they do in this case?

DMCC does not require the original title deed. A copy of the title deed is acceptable. In such case, the bank may either give a letter confirming that the original Title Deed is with them, along with a copy of the Title Deed ‘OR’ a copy of the Title Deed can be stamped by the bank with signature from the bank person with current date.

Can the application be processed, while the Lease is under rectification?

No, the application will be kept on hold until the amended lease is submitted.

Can two companies operate from the same unit?

Sharing of office space requires management approval and the client needs to submit a justification request. The general requirements for sharing of office space include; both companies should have at least 50% common shareholders; company should have at least 500sq. ft. of office space and the signage of both companies should be visible at the main reception of the premises.

Can a company have an additional unit in different building on the same license?

No. An additional unit in different building requires an additional License.

What is Third party Liability Insurance Certificate, what should it cover and what is the minimum amount needed?

Third party Liability Insurance Certificate is to protect the right of the occupied owner/owners of the unit & should cover the physical address of the license. 1,000,000/- AED is the minimum coverage/indemnity needed. 

What is Workmen's Compensation Insurance & what should it cover?

Workmen's Compensation Insurance is designed to protect the employer against their liabilities to employees in respect of injuries suffered by them in the course of their employment as per Labour Law/Workmen's Compensation Ordinance. It should cover all the employees under the DMCC visa, except the Shareholders.

Is Third party Liability Insurance Certificate required for Flexi Desk or Serviced offices?

No. This is usually covered by the service providers. However, a copy of the insurance is required from the service providers for submission of application.

Is Workmen's Compensation Insurance Certificate required for Flexi Desk or Serviced offices?

Yes it is required. Workmen's Compensation Insurance is not linked to the location. It is linked to the employees sponsored by DMCC for the company. In case, if the company has obtained visas for the employees from DMCC; the same employees need to be covered under Workmen's Compensation Insurance. (Except for the Shareholders).

Our Insurance policy does not cover 3 years validity. Will this be accepted for 3 year license renewal?

Yes, but along with a clear undertaking stating that, 'company shall renew its insurance on yearly basis by or before expiry & submit a copy to DMCC'.

Our insurance is valid for next 3 months only. Can we still apply for license renewal?

Yes. License renewal can be applied if the insurances are still valid for next 60 day or more from the day of client visit (Not accepted if the visit is early for license renewal. e.g. license expiring in 22nd Sep 13 & client visits on 18th July 13), along with a letter of undertaking from the company confirming that the ‘Insurance will be renewed upon it expiry & a copy will be submitted to DMCC’.

What is Jewellery activity?

Jewellery activity includes all and any Precious Metals & Precious Stones.

How does a Company obtain the Police report issued from the Department of Protective System?

A police report issued from the Department of Protective System can be obtained by fitting Alarm & Monitoring system from the company who are certified from Department of Protective System of Dubai Police

If my company does not bring any physical jewellery in the office or I am located in a flexi desk, what do I do?

The company would still need to obtain an NOC from Department of Protective System of Dubai Police. This NOC shall confirm the license details & permission to DMCC to renew the Company license. For this NOC, the company does not need to fit Alarm & Monitoring. The company just needs to obtain an Arabic letter address to Department of Protective System of Dubai Police from DMCC. Once the Arabic letter is obtained, the company can then approach the Department of Protective System of Dubai Police for the NOC. 

We have obtained a Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC) last year at renewal & made no changes in office setting since. Can the same OFC be accepted?

No, a new OFC from Concordia needs to be obtained annually under the company name. This is to ensure that all commercial premises meet certain minimum health, safety and signage standards.

Can Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC) under the landlord name be accepted?

No, a fresh OFC from Concordia needs to be obtained under company name.

Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC) does not cover 3 years validity. Will this be accepted for 3 years renewal?

Yes, but along with a clear undertaking stating that, a company shall renew its Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC)  yearly basis & submit a copy to DMCC

Does the Company need to bring in the original valid passports at time of providing the valid passport copies and valid visa copies (if applicable) of all Shareholders, Directors and License Manager of the company?

No, just clear copies will do.

Can a Company do the payment in instalments for license renewal?

No, the payment needs to be completed as one payment in advance.

Do DMCC have a format of Business Plan?

No, we do not require a specific format of business plan. A typical business plan would include details of the business, its operating activities and regions, SWOT and financial analysis

Do DMCC have a format of Official Request letter & who can sign on it?

No, we do not specify the format of an Official Request letter, as it is a request from the company on company letterhead for obtaining the amendment on the license, ‘from & to’. And only an authorized signatory of the company can sign on it.

How many activities can be added on the license?

An unlimited number of activities can be added to each type of DMCC license, being Trading, Services and Industrial. Each license automatically includes up to 6 activities within each activity division. A division is denoted by the first 2 digits of the activity code. The DMCC Allowed Actity List is available under Free Zone, Applications Guidelines, General Information. Please note tha when applying to set up a new company the DMCC portal automatically calculates the license fee based on the selected activities.

Do DMCC have a list of activities that we can pick up from?

We prefer to personally meet with our clients to discuss their selection of business activities. You may refer to the DMCC Allowed Activity List for guidance. It is available in our website under Applications Guidelines, General Information.

As a Branch Company, what are the additional Activity or Additional license, can we have?

As a Branch Company, company is allowed to have only those activities that the parent company is currently performing. This can only be confirmed by providing DMCC with the License or Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the parent company.  

Why does a company need an Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC) at time of amendment of activity on the license?

Not all the activities need Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC). Typically, those activities that are located in Retails units or are called ‘Retail Activities’ will need the Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC). (e.g. Travel Agencies, Spa, Clinic, Training Centres, Dental, Salons & etc

Can a Company obtain an Additional License on a Flexi Desk?

No, DMCC does not permit it.

What is the minimum size required for each license?

As per DMCCA requirements, each license should a have a space of 500 Sq.ft. So, company obtaining an additional license should have minimum of 1000 Sq.ft to obtain the second license. 

Can a Company obtain additional license on the existing unit which is less then DMCCA requirements.


Can a Company use the same Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC) for additional license if obtained in the same location?

This will depend on the nature of the Activity. If the activity is a ‘Retail Activities’; then a fresh Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC) under the new activity is required. (e.g. Travel Agencies, Spa, Clinic, Training Centres, Dental, Salons & etc).

Can a Company Termination of license be processed without the NOC from DEWA or ETISALAT/DU & why is it needed?

No, the license cannot be processed without the NOC from DEWA or ETISALAT/DU. DMCC is obliged to ensurem to the best of our ability, that the rights of other authorities are properly upheld.

Is the Audit report required at time of License renewal?

No. Company can submit the same within three months of the close of the company’s accounting year. 

Can a General Trading license be obtained on a Flexi Desk?


3. Company Closure

What are the different types of company closure (winding up)?

The winding up of the company may either be:
1)    Summary Winding Up under Regulation 81.1.1 of the DMCC Company Regulations. A summary winding up applies in cases where a company has either no liabilities or is able to discharge its liabilities within 6 months, and commences with a statement of solvency.
2)    By its creditors under Regulation 81.1.2 of the DMCC Company Regulations. A Creditors Winding Up commences when the company passes a resolution for winding up and is followed by a meeting with the company’s creditors.
3)    By the court under UAE Commercial Transactions Law No. 18 of 1993 (Volume 5, Bankruptcy and Preventive Composition) and other applicable legislation

My business is not doing well and I need to liquidate the company. Where do I find a liquidators list?

At present, DMCC has not prescribed specific qualifications required for a person to act as a liquidator. The liquidator must be an individual. DMCC does not provide a list of liquidators. However, we recommend that a suitably qualified individual be selected. If you are a Director of the company, we strongly advise you to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations under the rules and regulations governing a Free Zone company.

Why is it mandatory to appoint a Liquidator in the winding up of a company?

It is mandatory to appoint a Liquidator for the purposes of winding up a company, as the Liquidator carries out an important duty by determining the assets and liabilities of the company and settling those liabilities in a proper manner. 

All powers of the Shareholders/Directors of the company shall cease upon the appointment of the Liquidator for the purpose of winding up.  The Liquidator shall determine the financial standing of the company at the time of liquidation and shall be responsible in the discharge of the assets and liabilities of the company.  All these will be included in the Liquidation Report to be provided by the Liquidator during the winding up process.

Who can be appointed as a Liquidator of the company?

Any chartered accountant or law firm registered in UAE can be appointed as Liquidator.  The Legal Registrar may, however, prescribe the qualifications required for a Liquidator.

What are the two stages in the liquidation process?

First is the termination of the company’s license/s.
Second is the company deregistration or dissolution.
Both of these stages involve submission of resolutions, and may also include a public notification process.

What is the publication requirement and who is responsible for this?

A total of 28 days public notification is required during the liquidation process.  Fourteen (14) days for each of the stages in the liquidation process. DMCC carries out the publication in local Arabic daily newspaper (Al Bayan Newspaper) as part of the liquidation process.

What proof is there that the company has been closed?

Official termination letters are provided by DMCC at the end of the process of winding up.


Can I buy an office in the DMCC Free Zone?

Yes, freehold office space is available to lease or purchase within JLT. Please contact DMCC on 800 3622 (toll free within the UAE), + 9714 424 9600 (outside the UAE) or enter your enquiry online at http://property.dmcc.ae/contact-us Alternatively, please visit our online commercial sales and leasing website: http://property.dmcc.ae

Does DMCC offer flexi-desks/virtual office solutions?

DMCC has a wide range of Business Centre products and services available including flexi desks and serviced offices. Please contact DMCC on 800 3622 (toll free within the UAE), + 9714 424 9600 (outside the UAE) or enter your enquiry online at http://property.dmcc.ae/contact-us

Can our company have multiple offices?

Yes, multiple offices in one tower may be issued on one license. However DMCC requires separate licenses for offices that are in separate towers.

What storage facilities are available for precious stones, gold, diamonds etc?

DMCC has state-of-the-art gold and diamond vaults available to lease at Almas Tower, home to the Dubai Diamond Exchange and Dubai Gold Exchange. For vault rates, please contact DMCC on 800 3622 (toll free within the UAE), + 9714 424 9600 (outside the UAE).

Do you have warehouses available?

No, we do not offer warehouse facilities. However, clients may sublease a warehouse outside the free zone or utilize the warehousing and logistic facilities of one of our many member companies operating at the seaport or airport.

Do you have land available for development?

While much of Jumeirah Lakes Towers is already developed making it a very attractive place for business and residents alike, there are still a limited number of land plots available for development. Please contact DMCC on 800 3622 (toll free within the UAE), + 9714 424 9600 (outside the UAE).

Do you allow factories in the DMCC area?

Light industries are allowed in the Free Zone.

What are the facilities for labour accommodation?

There is limited labour accommodation with the JLT Free Zone. Enquires may be directed to the DMCC Property team on 800 3622 (toll free within the UAE), + 9714 424 9600 (outside the UAE).

Can my staff live on my factory premises?

DMCC has developed specialised facilities for companies operating in the jewellery and gems sector, whereby staff may be accommodated near the industrial premises.


How to request for a copy of my employment contract ?

The request from the employees can be entertained, if they approach the counter with their proof of identification.

How many visas can I obtain when forming my company?

The number of visas that your company is eligible for depends on the size of the office. Approximately one visa per 10 square metres is available, but this is assessed on a case by case basis by DMCC, and will depend on the business activities being carried out.

Can I get an investors visa from a DMCC company?

Although you may not obtain an investor visa, you may obtain a Director’s visa (applies to senior designations).

How do we apply for a visa?

Visa applications are processed through DMCC's online portal. Upon receiving the company license, DMCC will provide your company with a login and password. DMCC provides portal training to member companies on a regular basis (appointments are made through DMCC reception).

What are the steps to obtain a visa?

The steps may differ depending on the type of visa and whether the person in currently in or out of the UAE. Please visit the Application Guidelines on this web site for full details and step by step guides.

How long it will take for the visa to be issued?

The length of time before a visa is issued is normally 3-5 working days. However, this is subject to approvals by the Immigration department.

Where do I go for the medical fitness test?

The Dubai Health Authority has many branches throughout Dubai. To find the most convenient centre near you please visit www.dha.gov.ae and select Medical Fitness Centres. This will provide a list of centres, opening hours and a location map. Please note that some centres are restricted to a specific client category.

At which stage in my new visa application, do I apply for an Emirates ID?

Emirates ID registration is a mandatory requirement to obtain the Employment residence visa in the UAE. DMCC is not authorised to provide the Emirates ID application form as Emirates ID is a separate governing body and has its own administrative offices located throughout the UAE. There are many typing centres in the UAE which provide the service of Emirates ID application at a nominal fee, including Fixit Express Business Administration Services located within DMCC service centre on Level 1, Almas Tower, Jumeriah Lakes Towers. Please visit DMCC Free Zone Member Portal (http://portal.dmcc.ae)

What is the minimum salary requirement for employees looking to sponsor family members?

AED 5,000 per month and evidence of suitable accommodation. In the case of female employees sponsoring family, the Immigration Department will usually require additional supporting documents such as higher education certificates.

When can I apply to renew a visa?

A visa can be renewed up to 6 months prior to its expiry. Late penalties will apply if the completed renewal application is not received prior to the expiry date. All applications should be submitted to DMCC at least 14 days in advance of expiry to provide sufficient time in case any additional documents or information is required prior to processing.

How do I bring my business visitors to Dubai?

For your business visitors that hold passports for countries that are eligible for visas on-arrival, there is no need to complete an application. Please contact DMCC to check before making plans as the list of eligible countries may change on occasion. For business visitors from countries ineligible for visas on arrival, DMCC permits you to apply for up to three short-term visit visas on its online member portal. Members of the Dubai Diamond Exchange are eligible for 14 day transit visas and access to DMCC’s flagship tower, Almas Tower.

How can DMCC Company enforce non-competition undertaking signed by the employee?

DMCC Company may approach the court to claim a compensation for breaking non-competition undertaking by an ex-employee, if company finds the employee has breached the agreement.

I am in dispute with my employer over my rights as an employee. What should I do?

A contract of employment between a DMCC free zone member company and its employee must be executed in accordance with DMCC’s standard employment contract, together with additional clauses that may be added by the employer. In all cases, the contract of employment must be in accordance with the Federal Law No 8 of 1980 and its amendments (known as Labour Law). In the case of a dispute, DMCC encourages disputing parties to make a genuine attempt at resolution. If resolution is not achieved, DMCC provides a mediation service. The first step is to contact DMCC Mediation Services department who will request a brief overview of the dispute. If the authority believes a mediation process is appropriate, you will be asked to provide detail of the nature of the dispute. The authority will write to the other party requesting their attendance at a mediation meeting to be conducted by one of DMCC nominated mediators. If a successful outcome is not achieved through mediation the case may be referred to the Dubai Courts. Either disputing party has the right to request an NOC from DMCC at any time in order to approach the Dubai Courts.

Does DMCC Free Zone have any guidance for employees joining another DMCC company?

Under the DMCC Free Zone policies a new entry permit or transfer within DMCC Company or new Permanent Identity Card (PIC) will be processed and issued to an applicant who was previously working in another DMCC company, only if this particular applicant has worked 2 or more years of service with the company or with an explicit NOC from the previous company to join another DMCC Company. If the employee believes there are extenuating circumstances, they should approach the DMCC Mediation team.

How can I obtain a Company Establishment Card?

In accordance with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs formerly known as Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD), all companies registered in the Free Zone are required to apply for an Establishment card. The card is aimed at enhancing security and ensuring added convenience and efficiency for the holders when availing of government services. The card is mandatory and shows the name of the company and the Free Zone in which the company is based. The same details will also be included on the employees sponsored visas.
To learn how to apply for a new establishment card through your company portal, please visit our website at http://www.dmcc.ae/managing-a-company under ‘Company amendment’ section to view the guidelines and requirements. Please note the trade license must be valid for at least 3 months. You can renew the establishment card by visiting the Client Service Centre at Level 1, Almas Tower, together with the original establishment card.

What is approved time period of cancellation after terminating the employment agreement?

The visa cancellation should be finalised within 30 days after terminating/expiring the employment agreement.

Is ban applicable in DMCC?

Ban is imposed by the Immigration based on the recommendation from DMCC. The person will not be able to enter UAE until the ban period is completed. To apply for a ban on an employee, DNRD requires an NOC from DMCC which will be provided by DMCC upon the evidence of police report of criminal record against an employee or certificate from the duly authorised hospital recommending ban for the reason that the employee is affected to any such deceases which is not tolerated in the country.

Who is entitled for Visa discount scheme?

Companies will be entitled for a discount on the new employments visas depending on the number of active employment visas in the companies (PIC excluded).

How does the Visa discount scheme work?

Companies will be entitled to an increasing discounted rate on new visa applications as the number of active visas increases per the below ratio regardless of whether the company applies for all the visas at once or in a cumulative fashion.

Number of active visasDiscount rate on new visas
50 - 99 visas10%
100 - 199 visas20%
200 visas & Above30%
 Example: A company wishes to apply for 215 visas at once, the way the discount will apply is as follows:
The first 49 visas will be at the standard visa price.
The next 50 visas will be at 10% discount.
The following 100 visas will be at 20% discount.
Any visa from 200 and above will be at 30% discount.

Does the visa discount scheme apply when a member comes for visa renewal and they have more than 49 active visas?

The visa discount scheme doesn’t apply for employment visa renewals. The option is only for new employment visas.

​Example: if there are currently 115 active visas in your company and you submit a new visa application for an employee that is out of country, what prices will apply?

The calculation will be as follows: 

New visa (Inside country without amendment): 3,760 AED +10 AED Knowledge Dirhams (KD)
Less discount of 20% (100-199 threshold): 752 AED       
Final visa price: 3,008 AED + 10 AED KD

How to apply for the Service Request "Employee Passport Details Amendment" ?

First, this is a new Service Request that has been launched to enable members to apply through their portal to update the passport details of their employees on the system.
This service is designed to enable the member companies to update any of the following details of their existing employees, noting that this is a free of charge service:

  1. Passport Number
  2. Passport Issue Date
  3. Passport Expiry Date
  4. Place of Issue
  5. Name in Passport*
  6. Country of Issue*
*Please note that in case of updating the employee name in passport or updating the country of issue (for example: the employee changed the nationality and has a new passport issued from a different country), then, after submission of the service request, please visit DMCC Client Service Centre with the original passport for verification in order to proceed with the service request details update.
To apply, members need to log in to their DMCC portal account and follow the below steps:
Step 1 - Click on Employment Services.
Step 2 - Click on the section “Visa Services”.
Step 3 - Click on “Employee Residence Permits (Visa)”.
Step 4 - Click on the service “Employee Passport Details Amendment”.
Step 5 - Select the employee name from “Document # (Lookup)”.
Step 6 - Click “Save” to preview the current “Applicant Passport Details” in system.
Step 7 - Click “Edit” to update the current “Applicant Passport Details” in system & then click “Save”.
Step 8 - Click “Download/Upload/Review Doc” to upload the new “passport copy”.
Step 9 - Click “Submit”.
Step 10 – Visit the Client Service Centre Counters with the original passport for verification. (Applicable only in case of update in the Name in Passport and the Country of Issue).

How long does it take to approve the master contract amendment?

It takes 2 working days.

Does my company still have the choice of selecting between the Standard DMCC Contract or the Approved Amended Contract?

Yes, the company has the choice to select either the “Standard DMCC Contract Template” or the “Approved Amended Contract”, even after getting an amendment approved.

How does the master contracts amendments work?

DMCC understands that the member companies have their own customised clauses to be added in addition to the statutory clauses in the template (Eg: Bonus, Commission, Confidentiality, communication policies etc.). Member companies can select the SR type “025-Employment Contract Template Amendment” to add these additional clauses. After submission of such SR, it gets reviewed in DMCC and if required, the company will be asked to revise and resubmit the clauses. Once it is approved, the “Approved Amended Contract” will be available for the companies while applying for the employment visa for the employees. 

Who reviews the contract amendment requests?

The experts in the Legal Registrar Team review the contract amendments.

Can my company have more than one master contract?

Yes, each company can have up to 5 amended contracts.


Who has to submit Audited Financial Reports?

All companies registered and licensed by DMCC and operating within the DMCC Free zone are required to submit their Audited Financial reports.

What about companies established as branches?

Branch companies have two options in submitting their Audited  Financial Reports :

A. Original Audit  financial Reports of the Branch office only OR
B. Copy of the Consolidated Financials of the parent company and the Auditor's Confirmation to include the contribution of the branch into the consolidated accounts of the group/parent company in terms of:

a)      Revenues
b)      Expenditures
c)      Profit or loss for the period
d)      Assets
e)      Liabilities
f)       Shareholders’ equity 

What about subsidiary companies with Audited Financial Reports consolidated with the parent company?

Copy of the Consolidated Financials of the parent company and the Auditor’s Confirmation to include the contribution of the subsidiary into the consolidated accounts of the group/parent company in terms of:

a)      Revenues
b)      Expenditures
c)      Profit or loss for the period
d)      Assets
e)      Liabilities
f)      Shareholders’ equity 

When are the Audited Financial Reports due for submission?

Any company is required to submit its Audited Financial Reports within 90 days from the end of its Financial Year. 

What is our company’s Financial Year?

·The standard Financial Year of the company is included  in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) under the clause of “Financial Year”

·Branch companies can follow the same Financial Year of their parent or Mother Company.

How do we change our Financial Year and when it will be effective?

·Procedure is available in DMCC’s website and application can be completed online. Please follow the link below:


·It will be effective only on the current or on the next financial year.

Our business has no operation/activity and no bank account; can we avoid submitting the Audited Financial Reports?

As per article 4.5 of Free Zone Rules and Regulation, “Licensees must conduct all or a substantial part of their business or operations within the Free zone in order to maintain a valid License and Registration”. Regardless of the company’s operating status the audited Financial Reports need to be submitted.  It is also required to be operational to be able to renew a company’s license.

What format of Audited Financial Reports does DMCC require?

Original Audited Financial Reports must be duly stamped and signed by the company’s authorized signatory and the auditing firm.

Where do I submit the Audited Financial Reports?

Please submit your Audited Financial Reports to the Reception Desk of DMCC Client Service Centre on Level 1 in Almas Tower, JLT.

Who is authorized to conduct the audit of our Financial Reports?

Kindly refer to our List of Dubai Auditors in the below link:

What will happen if we do not submit the Audited Financial Reports on time?

·There will be a notification to submit the Audited Financial Reports.
·If the notification is not answered within the specific time frame, there will be initial fines of AED 5,000.
·Fines are recurring until the time your company submitted the audited Financial Reports.  

Can we appeal against the fines charged to us?

Yes, you can appeal against the fines charged to you and this will be reviewed by the DMCC Membership & Compliance Committee and you will be advised of the committees decision.  Please see the link below for your appeal application procedure:

Can we request a further extension in submission of Audit Financial Reports?

A proper Request Confirmation letter from the company’s auditor must be submitted to DMCC and this will be subject to review by DMCC.


What rules and regulations apply to a company licensed by DMCC?

DMCC companies must comply with the following: 1.) DMCC Company Regulations (1/03), 2003 and its amendments DMCC Free Zone Rules and Regulations, 3rd edition, 2012 and its amendments; 2.) Any UAE Federal Law (to the extent that they apply to the Free Zone) Any applicable Dubai laws to the extent they apply to the Free Zone and insofar as these do not interfere with the overriding principles contained within the FZ Regulations, and 3.) Any mandatory industry codes and/or professional memberships that are a requirement to hold a particular license category. DMCC company regulations and Free Zone rules and regulations are available on the website.

Why does DMCC request notarised or notarised and attested documents?

International Law mandates the legalisation to authenticate or certify a legal document so a foreign country's legal system will recognize it as valid and with full legal effect.

What is notarisation of a document?

Notarisation of a copy certificate is a legal method of confirming that a reproduction of an original document is true, exact and complete.

What is legalisation?

Legalisation is the process of authenticating or certifying a legal document so a foreign country's legal system will recognize it as valid and with full legal effect. It is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine. Having a document legalised does not mean that its contents are accurate, and it does not carry any sort of official approval by the office that performs the legalisation.

Who performs the legalisation?

Legalisation is usually performed by the national department responsible for foreign affairs of the country from which the document was issued.

How are documents legalised?

The office performing the legalisation will firstly check the signature, seal or stamp on the document against their database. Then they attach an apostille (the legal term for the legalisation certificate) to confirm that the document is genuine.

Why do documents need to be legalised?

If you are going to use certain documents overseas, for business or personal reasons, you may be required to have those documents legalised before they can be accepted. The stamp of authenticity gives the authority you are dealing with confidence that it is a genuine document.

What is attestation?

It is the act of witnessing a signature for the purpose of declaring that a document was properly signed and declared by the signer to be his or her signature. Example: Attesting UK Documents for use in the UAE The United Arab Emirates require documents that have been issued in the UK to be attested before they can be legally used in the UAE. This is a two-step process which requires the addition of an Apostle Stamp by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and then subsequent consular attestation by the UAE Embassy in London. For the avoidance of doubt, attestation is sometimes referred to as legalisation

Is there a requirement to appoint auditors and to submit annual accounts of the company?

Yes, an annual financial audit must be conducted and submitted to DMCC. While the standard reporting period is one calendar year, a company may nominate a different reporting period. The first reporting period will commence from the date of incorporation and must not be less than six months and not more than eighteen months.

Does the audit have to be done by a local auditor?

The auditor needs to be licensed by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Before engaging an audit firm, DMCC advises all companies to ensure their auditor holds the necessary licenses.


What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and flexible form of dispute resolution in which a neutral third party assists parties to work towards a negotiated settlement of their dispute. The parties retain control of the decision on whether or not to settle and on what terms.

What are the advantages of mediation?

Mediation provides a private forum in which the parties can gain a better understanding of each other's positions and work together to explore options for resolution. It often narrows the issues in dispute very quickly and whilst it does not always result in settlement, it is a highly successful method of bringing disputes to an end. Most importantly, where settlement is reached between the parties, it avoids the significant time and expense of formal court proceedings.

Does mediation mean that I cannot take my claim to court?

No. Mediation is a consensual, optional process and a party can bring its participation in a mediation to an end whenever it chooses to, and for any reason. Mediation does not prevent a party taking its claim to court at any time unless the parties have settled their claims and have agreed that the matters between them are resolved

Who can attend a mediation?

The parties themselves should attend the mediation. However, the parties may choose to bring along another person to act in a supportive capacity if they feel it would be helpful.  In the case of a party that is a company, its representative must have authority to negotiate a settlement at the mediation

What is the role of DMCC as mediator?

The mediator from DMCC will act as an impartial facilitator to assist the parties with their negotiations. It is not the mediator's role to tell the parties what their rights are, or how they should resolve the dispute, and he or she does not have authority to impose any binding decision on the parties.
Unlike a judge or arbitrator, the mediator will not decide the case on its merits, but will work to facilitate agreement between the parties. The mediator will also ensure that all parties understand and agree to the terms of any settlement reached.
DMCC asks all parties participating in the mediation process to sign an acknowledgement accepting the role that DMCC plays in the mediation and what it will and will not do in resolving the dispute.

What should the parties do to prepare for a mediation?

The dispute is more likely to be resolved when the parties are well prepared. Parties should review the documents relevant to the dispute in advance of the mediation and be clear as to where they stand on each of the issues. It is also important to provide documents to DMCC ahead of the mediation in order that the mediator can prepare for the mediation. This helps to ensure that time is not wasted at the mediation.

What happens at a typical mediation?

DMCC will review the documents provided to it in advance of the mediation to identify the key issues. The mediator conducting the mediation will greet the parties, provide an overview of the process and his or her role, and will invite each party to give its perspective on the dispute and highlight points of particular concern. The mediator will then try and facilitate the parties in negotiating a settlement, and in doing so may have private discussions with each party. The mediator may also suggest a further meeting with the parties if he or she considers it appropriate (for example, if one party needs further time to consider a particular issue).
If, at any time, a party considers that a settlement is unlikely to, or cannot, be achieved, that party may withdraw from the procedure and seek alternative means of resolution, such as court action.


Can I sell goods in the local market?

You can sell goods in the local market through a distributor. A Free Zone company may not directly retail goods to the local market.

How easy it is to market/exhibits our products in the Dubai?

The UAE has a growing economy with demonstrable political stability. The Dubai Government has invested significantly in developing a robust framework for foreign direct investment.. Moreover DMCC actively works with member companies, creating opportunities for business, through industry networks and clubs. Dubai World Trade Centre hosts a vast programme of exhibitions and conferences that are attended by global industry leaders.

Can a company with multiple licenses have a Flexi Desk for each license separately?

Yes, any company having multiple licenses can have a Flexi Desk for each license provided that the license activities do not specify certain property type (i.e. the activity does not require a retail shop, physical office space...etc.)

Example: If a company has a trading license on a Flexi Desk and wishes to apply for an additional service license, the new license can also be on another Flexi Desk or the company has also the option to move to a physical office of at least 100 sqm to accommodate both licenses.